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There's still hope for your marriage.

A counseling retreat to help your marriage survive and thrive.

You deserve to have a marriage you both love.

An intensive is a period of counseling over 3-5 days that allows our licensed counselors to help you get to the root of your issues.

We offer specialized help that goes beyond what a ‘primary care doctor’ can offer.

Many programs offer help through ‘marriage coaches’ who offer valuable life experience, but few credentials. Every one of our therapists is a trained professional who is trained in our unique intensive approach.

Even with weekly marriage counseling, the start-and-stop of 50-minute sessions can make it difficult to get to root issues. You come in, unpack the week, go home, and experience more conflict. Then you do it all over again. An intensive allows you the gift of uninterrupted time, which allows our counselors to help you make the progress you want. In fact, you’ll receive about a year’s worth of counseling in just a 3-5 days!

Hope Restored marriage intensives are all-inclusive programs that occur at one of our three beautiful retreat centers. The ability for you to be free from all distractions is an essential part of the path to healing that we offer. Everything is taken care of so you can focus on your most important relationships.

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Common Questions

What's the format?

Arrive to a beautiful retreat center. Get a year's worth of crisis counseling in just 3-5 days, using a method that gets to root issues quicker than with weekly counseling.

Does it work?

Yes. Many people think their situation is uniquely 'bad', but we've seen it all. Our 99% satisfaction rate and reviews speak for themselves. Even if you're in the divorce process, there is hope.

What's included?

Your intensive counseling program, top-notch meals & lodging, and aftercare coaching. 92% of couples say their financial investment was worth it.

Licensed Counselors

Our empathetic Christian counselors are uniquely trained to address complex issues.

3 Locations

Arrive to a peaceful & secluded retreat center in Missouri, Michigan or Georgia to reconnect with yourself, your spouse, and God.

99% Satisfaction

99% of our 7000+ alumni would recommend a Hope Restored intensive to others.

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