Your marital crisis may seem too painful to endure, your relationship too far gone– but there is still hope. Meet some of the thousands of real couples who thought their marriage was beyond repair, but experienced a miracle through Hope Restored.

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We attended the intensive in Branson. It was life changing. I was convinced that nothing could change what was going on in our marriage. I seriously considered not going the day before we were to leave. The counselors were amazing. They created the safest environment that could be. We are on a much different course now, and I believe we received a miracle that week. Thank you Focus on the Family, for such a wonderfully eye-opening, life-changing experience.

Jeff, Michigan

What a huge blessing this 4-day intensive has been – a much needed “turn in the road” to healing and hope for our broken, toxic 25 year marriage. The experience of going through this intensive with the four other couples has been so helpful. It is so true that so much is learned from listening to others and hearing their issues addressed. God knit us together with our common and different struggles, all of us needing to apply the tools we received to experience help and victory. We are so glad we came here. Hold on through the first couple of days and let Him show you that there is hope for you and your marriage and future.

Intensive Participant

Forever changed and tremendously grateful for the tools given to us to change a stormy relationship into a peaceful calm. What a gift God gave us here in a safe environment with counselors and staff that are totally walking in a close relationship with Christ. Miracles happen!

Intensive Participant

We just returned from Branson for the Marriage Intensive. WOW! God was so present that it wasn’t even funny! Miracles occurred everywhere! Lifelong friendships begun! Fresh starts granted! We can’t thank Focus on the Family enough for all you do for families that are trying to thrive (or survive) in this world! We love you all! BLESS YOU ALL. All the marriages that are being helped through the Intensives and the AMAZING staff! (Every single solitary one). We cannot thank God enough.

Gary, Georgia

The Lord works wonders in this place! …Amazingly gifted counselors who minister the love and grace of Christ into the heart of every person/couple…

Intensive Participant

We found hope again and are believing for a bright future. I came with a poor attitude but a hopeful heart to restore our marriage. My spouse thought this was our last ditch effort. Today is our 18 month anniversary and I am hopeful now we can make 18 years.

C & A, South Dakota

When the initial shock of his plans for divorce had worn off, God had me research marriage intensives and I stumbled across the Focus on the Family Retreat Center after 3 local counselors refused to see us for counseling because they believed we were too far gone. God and Focus on the Family Retreat Center has helped not only save my marriage, but also has helped save my husband's soul...

Intensive Participant

We just experienced an extreme miracle through the Focus on the Family. My husband is military, and it came out that there had been an affair during his recent deployment. We attended a marriage intensive in February. The therapists were nothing short of anointed. The Lord really showed up. We’ve seen life-changing differences in our marriage. We cannot thank you enough for that. We have a ways to go, but we’re doing it with the Lord’s help and with help from Focus on the Family.

Katie, Virginia

As a pastor's wife there has been a lot of feelings and fears of being ignored.…the counselor gave me a lot of tools…We have found healing here and have been placed on a path to pursue wholeness.

Intensive Participant

I came here without any hope. I honestly thought we would be divorced by the end of the year. We had so many disagreements on the opposite ends of the spectrum that I did not see how we could ever see eye-to-eye. But, I learned that it is a blessing that we have different perspectives and that no matter the viewpoint, we can come to a win-win. For the first time in my life, I am standing beside a man I respect, admire, and look forward to doing life with.

Intensive Participant

From the moment we arrived we felt loved and cared for. We were ministered to. We will never forget the new beginning we received here.

Intensive Participant

If you're feeling nervous, anxious, scared, or doubting, let it be comforting to your heart to know that I was feeling the exact same thing. [But], I felt safe, relaxed, relieved, comfortable, and unjudged on my very first day there. This is one of the most emotional, necessary, and powerful BEST weeks of my life.

Intensive Participant

We came here divorced. My ex-husband and I have been divorced for 2 years and separated for 3. I tried absolutely everything I could to fix what I broke but never really getting anywhere. I begged him at several points to attend counseling or retreats and was met with “no’s” or “not yet.” It truly was a miracle that he even agreed to come to this. I had a year long affair in which I lived with that other man and forced my ex to share custody of our precious baby boy. I rocked his world and my own. I can honestly say I can’t think of a more hopeless situation than ours. In this intensive we BOTH found healing and forgiveness – for each other and for ourselves. I learned that I am not my sin, and my sin doesn’t block out the value I have. I won’t minimize or excuse my behavior – but I want you to know the same is true for you and whatever has been done to one another. Today I can tell you we’ve created a new relationship – one that is better and healthier and stronger and an environment where we both feel safe, valued and accepted. We’re going home with plans to move forward and both of us have the ultimate goal of re-marrying each other…. WOW! It’s a lot and it’s new and feels hard at first….but it can be done. You can truly leave with your hope and your relationship restored.

Chelsey, California

I came here feeling hopeless, brokenhearted, with no emotion. I felt this was our last chance to heal our marriage. The presence of God in the room was truly felt. Learning and practicing the tools brought out feelings I did not know I had. I did not know how much I loved my wife, missed her and now long to be with her for the rest of our lives on this Earth. It was amazing to feel the love of God come back into our lives and those around us. To truly understand that Jesus died for our sins so that we may be free. I am looking forward to returning home a changed man, loving and caring for myself and my wife. To share all of the beautiful moments and working through the bad. Departing with my most heartfelt emotion – “I love my wife.”

Scott, Wisconsin

When we arrived at the Focus on the Family Retreat Center we had been separated for 2 1/2 months. We had been to four different marriage counselors on and off over 15 years. My husband had told me that he “would give” Hope Restored 100% effort, but that he had little hope and that if God didn’t do something big it would be time for “formal separation”. I am thrilled to say that we both have hope and now have some great tools to start operating in a “safe place” with each other.

Intensive Participant

My husband and I truly received a miracle here. Our overall experience was beyond our expectations. We learned that there is hope when thinking all hope is lost. Our relationship has been forever changed.

Intensive Participant

Coming to the Focus on the Family Retreat Center was tough because we felt little hope…Divorce was on the table, hate was in the air and resentment was pushing us in bad directions. We learned the exact unique but easy tools to use every day in many, if not every situation. We felt extremely cared for, listened to and loved on. We are forever grateful to have our marriage back.

Intensive Participant

The food, the counseling, the safety, the other couples’ stories—it was all so beautifully interwoven to make for a truly healing time away. We will be celebrating 3 years of restoration and healing and we continue to reflect on our time at the Focus on the Family Retreat Center on a regular basis.

Intensive Participant

For almost 2 years of our 15 years of marriage we have lived apart…Hope Restored was our last attempt at reconciliation/healing.…after four days of the intensive I feel closer to her more than ever.

Intensive Participant

After 21 years of many heartaches and struggles…we had so much hurt and grief built up that our marriage was coming apart at the seams. The miracle of a 4 day intensive has been amazing.

Intensive Participant

Thank you Focus on the Family Retreat Center for providing such a safe and comfortable environment for us to process our wounds and begin the process of finding healing in ourselves and in our relationship.

Intensive Participant

When we first arrived, both of us were nervous. We met a lot of caring, loving individuals that truly care about our needs. All the staff made us feel welcome and at ease. We have learned a lot in the short time we were here. We have a renewed vision for our marriage and our relationship with God.

I & A, Missouri

My husband and I arrived here separately and were in fact legally separated. What had been missing in other counseling was the tools and true understanding of the whys so we could put into practice what we were taught.

Intensive Participant

My wife and I hadn't spoken much over the past 2 months and almost didn't speak at all on the drive up. I was pretty exhausted and hopeless in my marriage; I had tried everything and I was very hurt. God worked through the counselors, and my wife and I talked to each other--she told me things I never knew about her. I also learned a lot about myself and where I was hurting my marriage. We still have a lot of work to do, but I'm very thankful to God and his team.

Intensive Participant

We came so broken, so hurt, so confused and longing for direction and answers. We have learned about ourselves individually and about our marriage that will impact every aspect and relationship in our lives.

Intensive Participant

My wife and I arrived in a season where we have been walking through "the valley of the shadow of death", carrying mixed baggage, hurts, complications, emotions, and a general feeling of being "stuck" in that valley. As the program is named, I feel our hope has been restored in a number of ways. Our counselors gently (yet with intentionality) led us through the dark places of our minds and hearts and showed us a better way to communicate and care for ourselves. We are leaving with great tools with which we can build the foundation (and beyond) of a better, God-honoring marriage.

D & E, Florida

Upon arrival at Focus on the Family, I was very unsure whether or not our marriage could be healed. I can say with the utmost confidence that through our sessions with the counselors and learning [the tools], our marriage is on the way to being whole in a way that we have never experienced.

Wife, Oregon

Our marriage intensive programs are like “marriage ER.” We hear many testimonies from couples whose relationships were literally on the ropes—they were headed for divorce court. But at that moment of crisis, our team at the Focus on the Family was able to help them turn things around and start down the road to healing and restoration.
Jim Daly, President, Focus on the Family

Jim Daly, President & CEO of Focus on the Family

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