what is a hope restored marriage intensive?

  • A program created specifically for couples in crisis
  • A year's worth of therapy in 3-5 days
  • Highly skilled professional counselors
  • Solutions and tools that actually work
  • 99% satisfaction rate
  • A safe, relaxing environment to help your healing process

is a marriage intensive right for you?

Does one of these describe your relationship?

  • Divorce papers started or separation
  • Infidelity or Betrayal
  • "I don't love you anymore"
  • The same fights over and over
  • Desperate to fix your marriage
  • Dreading the thought of divorce

Years of pain and conflict can drive couples so far apart that it feels like any hope for the love they once had is lost. Hope Restored: A Marriage Intensive Experience is created to address the seemingly impossible situations that make couples feel like misery or divorce are their only options.

Most couples that attend an Intensive are experiencing a significant amount of marital distress. You are not alone in what you’re facing. Many of the couples who find hope through our program already started the divorce process, but 80% of those surveyed are still married (and statistically happier) 2 years later.

what can i expect at a hope restored marriage intensive?

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